Ransomware and YOU
The keys to protecting you and your organization’s
valuable documents, data, and reputation.


Virtual Learning Lab

No-Cost Virtual Lab Date and Time:

  • • Tuesday, August 31st 11:00 AM - Noon
         (Q & A from Noon to 12:30 PM)

Join us and our expert panel as we address questions such as:

•  What exactly is ransomware? And who is behind it?
•  How might I or my organization get infected with ransomware?
•  How do we avoid a ransomware attack?
•  The common factor in 90+% of cyber incidents like ransomware
•  Phishing - Types and why knowledge is power
•  Is it possible to ransomware-proof my and my organization’s files?
•  How would we recover from a ransomware attack?

Who should attend?

•  Management
•  Staff
•  IT Resources
•  Critical Volunteers and Stakeholders

Basically everyone associated with your organization…

 Join us our Zoom Lab with time for Q&A afterward.

Please download and install/update your desktop version
of Zoom one day before the lab.